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Such A Cool Summer: Cooling Foods For An Outdoor Summer Wedding

Throwing an outdoor wedding in the summer is an excellent way to be surrounded by nature for an inexpensive cost. If you want to have an outdoor wedding during the summer, one of the worries is that your guests will get too hot. In order to combat the heat and keep guests comfortable, here are some internally cooling foods that you can serve to your guests during the reception. 

Serve water with mint throughout the wedding and reception

Water is the best way to stay hydrated and beat the heat. Have catering set up a hydration station with water and mint that guests can take any time. The water will keep them hydrated and the mint will give the water a refreshing taste. This combination will keep guests comfortable throughout the outdoor ceremony and during the reception. Avoid drinks with too much sugar as these can cause further thirst, rather than refresh.

Offer cucumber-melon finger foods

While guests are mingling and waiting for the official reception to get started, they will need something to nibble on. Instead of sandwiches and other types of finger foods, create a thinly sliced cucumber and melon mixture with the help of your catering firm. The melons can include watermelon, honeydew melon, and other melon foods that have an easy-to-grip rind. Cucumbers and melon are made primarily of water and are very cooling to the body. This mixture is also easy to eat with the fingers or small cocktail fork. 

Have the main course flanked with salad

No matter what you wish to serve as your main course, make sure that it is served with a large salad on the side. Leafy greens are both cooling and nutritious. Whether you prefer kale on the side of steak, seafood served with dry spinach, or chicken and romaine lettuce, you can offer your guests a filling meal that will help them beat the heat. Fresh greens are also easier to create a salad from on site, so your catering service should have a much easier time. 

Provide peaches and cream with dessert

Along with a yummy wedding cake, service some peaches and cream to your guests. Peaches are a refreshing food that is widely available during the summer. Serve peaches on a plate along with a tiny bowl of whipped cream for dipping. Refrigerated whipped cream along with firm, sliced peaches are the perfect sweet dessert for the ending of a sweet ceremony.