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Frymaster Care And Maintenance

If your restaurant fries any of its entrees, then odds are you have a reliable Frymaster doing your even oil cooking for you. Use this guide to help you care for and maintain this equipment, so you can experience safe and delicious frying with every dip.

Make sure the filter is grounded

Many Frymaster machine models have a filter that needs to be grounded. This 3-pronged cord must be plugged into a 3-pronged outlet, and cannot be altered in any way. If you are using an extension cord, make sure the cord is 16 gauge or larger, and is grounded with a 3-prong design. This helps prevent shock hazards from occurring while your Frymaster is in use, and is a common precaution among these large appliances. As long as you use the unit correctly, you should be fine.

Only use authorized replacement parts

Use only authorized replacement parts from a Frymaster parts supplier, such as K & D Factory Service Inc, when repairing anything to do with your unit. You maintain your warranty when you use approved parts for your make and model of Frymaster equipment. If you are unsure what model or design you have, call the 1-800 number that comes with your user or instruction manual. Failure to use Frymaster parts for your machine can result in a poor-working unit or further malfunction. You can even put you or your staff in danger if you do not use the right parts.

Clean your machine often

Never leave used oil in your Frymaster, as this can clog your filter and make fried food taste undesirable. Always clean out your machine after everyday use. This helps ensure fresh fried food that is cooked most evenly. Wipe around all thermostats and controls to prevent these things from sticking. Any oil around your Frymaster should also be wiped up thoroughly to help prevent accidental spills or falls.

Perform repairs as needed

Since Frymasters allow you to control your heat settings, you may experience technological problems here and there. If any errors occur within your machine, call a certified Frymaster repair technician, or call the 1-800 number in your user or instruction manual so the friendly operator can refer an expert to you. If you are still under warranty, you may be able to have your Frymaster replaced if damages are substantial.

Owning a Frymaster for your restaurant is a great way to provide delicious appetizers and meals that are cooked golden fresh and crisp. Use this guideline to help keep your equipment operating smoothly no matter how busy your business gets.