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Enjoying Your Big Day Through Your Stomach - Uncommon Things To Consider When Picking A Wedding Caterer

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most memorable and exciting days of your life, but as anyone who is planning or has planned a wedding knows, it's also a great deal of work. Lining up the vendors, making all of the arrangements, and guaranteeing that things are in the order you want them is not simple, and some details can slip through the cracks.

When picking a caterer for your wedding, you're likely to taste the food, discuss the menu, haggle over the price, and call it a day. However, there are a variety of other things you should keep in mind with your catering selection, and below you'll find a guide to some things that are commonly overlooked.

Food Safety

If your caterer is operating a licensed food preparation business, it's almost certain that they have received a certification in safe food handling from the proper local authorities. Your caterer should be able to provide you with documentation to this end, as well as a history of his or her certifications. Having this information will make you feel comfortable about your health and your guests'.

You should also discuss with your caterer the difficulties in transporting and storing food safely. Some venues can be very warm when full of people or may not have adequate refrigeration space for your quantity of food, and you should ask your caterer how he or she plans to overcome these challenges.

Financial Planning

When you sign a contract with your caterer, it is likely that you will base your agreement on the cost per the number of guests who agree to attend. This will provide you with a measure of security and allow you to predict your costs more easily, but it is not without its downfalls.

If your guest list grows higher than you've anticipated, you may be faced with shortcuts in your catering in an attempt to avoid a loss. You should be clear and firm about your expectations upfront, and could even consider building a contingency clause into your agreement to guarantee your guests are provided for.

Decor and Details

While your family is likely to eagerly help you set up the reception space on the big day, most people do not have families composed of decorating professionals. Your caterer, on the other hand, is likely to have well rounded experience in hospitality, and may be able to assist you with this set up. You should ask beforehand about decorating assistance and how they plan to highlight the food area, so you have an idea how to best work it in to the look you want for your big day.