Gaining Confidence While Cooking

3 Reasons To Choose Organic Food

Organic food is a great way to help yourself and your family eat healthier. Listed below are the three reasons to choose organic food: freshness, fewer chemicals, and to help the local community.


One of the biggest benefits of eating organic foods is that the food is typically going to be quite a bit fresher than regular grocery store foods. For example, the foods you buy from a grocery store are usually traveling quite some distance in order to get from the distribution centers to your local store. This means that food could be in transit for a few days, and then sit on a shelf in the grocery store for a few more days before it is purchased.

This can be a huge problem because the longer a type of food sits before it is bought and prepared the worse it is going to taste. Sure, a lot of those foods will be frozen to ensure that they do not go bad, but the freezing process will also affect the taste.

However, buy purchasing organic food you can typically avoid all of those pitfalls. The main reason for this is that most grocery stores that stock organic produce will actually source those items from local farms, ranches, and dairies. The end result is that your food will taste very fresh because it did not have to travel very far before you were able to purchase and eat it.

Fewer Chemicals

Another benefit to eating organic food is that your can avoid ingesting the chemicals that regular food is often subjected to. For example, non-organic produce is often doused with pesticides. In addition, dairies and ranches that do not provide organic offerings will often have their animals dosed with growth hormones.

This is a major issue for many people because those chemicals can actually be harmful to the human body. Also, there is a chance that you or a loved one could be allergic to one of those chemicals and have a bad reaction to the food. This is not going to be an issue with organic food because you will know exactly what has and has not gone into every part of your meal.

Help the Community

Finally, by choosing to go with organic produce and meat, you can provide extra income to your local farmers and ranchers. This will keep them in business, which will allow you to help keep your money within the community, which will improve the overall economy of your area.

Take a look at organic options at your local grocery store today. You really owe it to yourself to experience fresher food that contains fewer potentially harmful chemicals.